Elk Antler - Coming soon!

Elk Antler - Coming soon!

Each spring the Idaho backcountry is filled with new sheds, antler sets that drop naturally from male deer and elk.

Besides the occasional set that Chris or Alec find, Idahound buys antler directly from friends and local shed huntersWhen determining high vs. low quality antler, we keep an eye on both color and texture. All of our antler are brown, meaning they've been dropped recently, with minimal damaging by the sun, weather, or other animals. In addition, all of our antler is smooth and intact. Damaged antler may be cracked or brittle, and can be dangerous for a dog to chew into. We cut and sand every piece to eliminate sharp edges and visually inspect all orders before packaging. 

Idahound carries two types of antler: whole and split. Let your dog decide its favorite!

Whole antler has two marrow exposures on either end, which is where your dog will focus its efforts. Whole antler will last longer than split antler, as long as your dog enjoys the extra work.

Split antler has been cut through the middle of the bone, exposing a trench of porous marrow. Split antler tends to be chewed faster than whole antler, and is a good option when introducing antler to your dog.

Whatever your dog decides, elk and deer antler can be an indispensable option for eager chewers, an occasional treat for the old boy, or simply another item on the revolving menu. The Idahound family has been taking the dogs on long shed hunts for years. We're fascinated by cycles in the natural world and love feeding this renewable resource, whether we find any brown gold or not! 


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