Local Raw Food WOMEN'S
Local Raw Food WOMEN'S Local Raw Food WOMEN'S
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Local Raw Food WOMEN'S

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You know who makes your dog’s food. Now you can show it, too!

  • 60% cotton, 40% polyester (Next Level Apparel)
  • Women’s fit
  • Super soft, just for humans

How many people eat locally and organic, while their dog consumes McDonald’s every day of its life? Idahound wants to remind the world that what we feed our pets matters. Keep it raw and keep it sustainable.

Our logo is a commitment to both of those values. We’re advocates for the ancestral diet, embodied by our howling friend. We also support sustainable food systems, symbolized by the state of Idaho, where we source our animals from grassfed family ranchers.

We hope our t-shirts spark conversation about all of the above. Big changes start small, and nothing gets less attention than dog food.

So go ahead, enjoy an Idahound tee. You found a dog food company worth telling the world about.